The Golden Bowers

Original Publication: 1971 by Tower Publications

Goldern BowersA collection of profiles and interviews which originally appeared in such publications as Esquire, Playboy, New York Magazine, and the Saturday Evening Post. The subjects of these include such notable figures as Janis Joplin, Joe Namath, Sharon Tate, Andy Warhol, Dionne Warwick, Lee Grosscup, James T. Farrell and more.

“Here was Bowers hanging out with Joe Namath, despite being a New York Giants fan and never even having seen the Jets play at the time, and also before ‘Broadway Joe’ made history with the famous Superbowl win in 1969 over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. And Bowers with Dionne Warwick, and Andy Warhol, and tracking down the writer James T. Farrell, but I was stopped when I read the title “All She Needs is Love” about Janis Joplin, age 27, in 1970, only months before she died. For that profile, Bowers traveled with Joplin to a concert in Ann Arbor, and on a plane flight the next day, landing at Newark Airport, so Janis could appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. It wasn’t just a profile, it was an adventure, with Bowers taking the reader on a ride with Janis Joplin, even getting thrown out of the Carnegie Hall Tavern into the cold and windy Manhattan night after disturbing patrons at the establishment and not heeding the bartender’s warning.”

Derek Algerpif Magazine